Franklin Graham Tour in Sydney 23-24 February 2019

Parish Council has decided that as a church we will not be promoting or endorsing this evangelistic event.  Why?  Because although there is no doubt Franklin will, like his father Billy, preach the gospel of Jesus faithfully, Franklin has unlike his father been very outspoken politically.  Some members of our church and other Evangelical churches  have felt that Franklin’s political alignment with Mr Trump has blurred the gospel and created barriers for a clear message.  Others feel that his politics do not interfere with his ability to communicate the gospel clearly to our society.

So PC has decided to leave this issue to each of our members and their conscience and judgement.  We will inform members via the bulletin of any training and the event itself, but not be arranging group attendance or the like.  Our PC members welcome your feedback and prayer on this.

People do change – even those who have “led the charge” against Biblical faith. 

We have all heard of Bill Hayden’s radical change aged 85 to faith in God.  But I heard only recently about those involved in the famous US court trial Roe vs Wade.  You would have heard of this because it was a landmark decision on abortion in the USA.  But have you heard the stories of Dr Nathanson and Ms Roe.  I’ll tell you their story in next week’s edition.

 Why not plan to study at SMBC next year?

Are you over 50?  Hitting the prime of life!

Men’s Breakfast Make a Change in 2019

Men’s Breakfasts have met for 22 years on Tuesday to provide teaching, fellowship and prayer for our men.  The Breakfast team have decided that in light of lower attendance and a smaller team, to change in 2019.  They will replace the monthly  Tuesday breakfasts with bimonthly Saturday morning Breakfasts.  The first 3 (for your diaries men) are 9th Feb, 6th April and 8th June.

I’d like to thank the team for their dedicated service over so many years under the leadership of George Milton.  They have provided wonderful times of challenge and growth to so many of our men from 15 year olds to 90 years olds.  What a wonderful opportunity these future breakfast provide for more of our men and their friends to gather and grow together.

Your Pastor and Brother In Christ, Graham Crew .