Parish Council completed the 2019 Budget

PC would especially like to thank Sean Buckley for his tireless and diligent work compiling the many proposals and amendments provided over the past 2 months.  Major decision are:

SRE Trust

Some $5,000 of the unallocated giving to our Thanksgiving Appeal was allocated to our SRE Trust.  However, as the Trust is tax deductible, PC decided to apply this money to our General Fund, allowing members to gain tax deductibility for any further donations to the Trust this year.  This will not affect in any way our funding of SRE in 2018 or 2019, and is more an accounting move.

Support of our Mission Friends

PC confirmed that $2,000 has already been sent to both the Donaldsons in Brisbane, allowing them to lead outreach missions this year during schoolies weeks and to Evan Moses, enabling him to attend Moore College’s overseas mission in 2019 in the final year of his training.  $1000 has been given to SBCE and another $1000 pledged for 2019. Each of our 7 missionary partners (Donaldsons, ECPNG, Apeiczoneks, Watsons, Brownings (Barbara May Foundation), Katoke & Prestons) will receive $400 each from the Fashion Fiesta as they did last year.

Christmas Quiet Hour

As usual we will hold this special service on 23rd December at 6pm.  It is an opportunity for those who wish to remember lost loved ones, can do so, as well as share Christmas Carols and Lord’s Supper in the round.  This has proven very popular with our members and visitors in the past.  Craig Stalder will be speaking.

2019 Teaching & Preaching Planning

In January we will focus on global Mission Vision climaxing on February 3 with our annual Vision Sunday.  The Prestons, Donaldsons and Dave Mansfield from Anglican Aid will each be with us at church in January.  Term one teaching will feature controversial claims of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel, and Term 2 will study Philippians finding our enjoyment in Christ, then finishing with some tough issues facing our society.

 Your Pastor and Brother In Christ, Graham Crew.