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Atheism is declining and Faith growing – that’s the big picture

by anonymous

Atheism is declining and faith growing – that’s the big picture That’s not what we’d expect if we just take a western view.  But if we take a world view over the past 50 years, that’s the fact.  In 1970, there 165 million people identified as atheists and 1.2 billion as Christian,  In 2019, atheists […]

We all have to do better!

by anonymous

We all have to do better! That was the message church leaders received at Interfaith Forum on Domestic Violence (DV) I attended this week.  It was a privilege and a challenge to be there.  The picture of DV in our society is an awful one.  One woman is killed every week.  1 in every 3 […]

Sunday 22nd December, Food, Friendship and Belonging

by anonymous

Sunday 22nd December   At all 4 services there  will be the “Two Trees of Christmas” and will include our popular and poignant “tree of remembrance”.  Those attending will be invited, if they wish, to place on a tree, the names on those they are missing this Christmas, separated by distance, difficulties or death.  A […]

Diocesan Synod October 2019, Christmas Services this year, January 2020

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Diocesan Synod October 2019 Every year 3 representatives from each of the 270+ Parishes across the Diocese plus another 250 clergy and laity meet as the church’s Synod or parliament.  Major decisions are made by a democratic parliamentary style process of bills and legislation, motions and debates.  Sometimes its like having your toe nails extracted. […]

Thank you for donating to Waterworks for a Thirsty World by Anglican Aid, Ngaremara in Kenya, Brick Kiln Factory Water Tanks, Lahore, Another great initiative

by anonymous

Thank you for donating to Waterworks for a Thirsty World by Anglican Aid Earlier this year & last year, we helped to provide water to overseas communities who desperately need it by fundraising for Waterworks for a Thirsty World by Anglican Aid. Your generosity has made a genuine improvement in the lives of thirsty people […]

GAC Fathering Project Group

by anonymous

Stewart Robinson (from Arvo Church) is seeking to establish our own GAC Fathering Project Group. There are dozens of these groups around the country including one at Gymea Baptists, Hurstville Anglican and Miranda North Public School.  These are not religious groups and are open to everyone in the community.  Stewart writes:   “We aim to […]