Life Groups

Thank you to our group leaders who provide frontline pastoral care and discipling through our 26 groups.  If you haven’t joined one yet, why not try one out in Term 1.  They won’t make you stay if you don’t enjoy it!  But I know you will love it. 

Supporting Our Church & It’s Ministry

On behalf of our church leadership I want to thank all who are committed financial supporters of our church.  We can’t function without your regular gifts and we understand how sacrificial many are!  There are three main ways members support our church and its many ministries:

General Giving  –  via the collection or electronically.  More than 60% of giving now comes electronically.  We encourage this, and using our giving envelopes.

SRE Trust  –  this is a tax deductible fund that can receive $45,000pa to pay for staff, SRE books etc for our SRE teaching at Gymea Bay and Gray’s Point.

Building Fund   –  our members have been brilliant in reducing our $800,000 mortgage to now just $130,000 in less than 9 years. 

Bishop Ivan Lee is thankful for answered prayer as he battles cancer

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,  Just an email to say thank you for your prayers that I would be accepted into the pancreatic cancer immunotherapy clinical trial. The Lord graciously answered your prayers with a yes, and I underwent the first treatment two days ago. Treatment will be every Tuesday, and will cease if it is obvious that no progress is being made in slowing down the cancer in the liver (or I become too sick from the side effects). Basically, the new drugs seek to “unmask” the cancer so that my immune system can “see” the cancer, and to help my T-cells attack the cancer. It is all experimental, so no guarantees of success, but the research on animals (I assume mice!) shows some promise. But I am very grateful for God’s gift to humanity of medical science, and don’t mind being a guinea pig, and if not for my benefit, for the benefit of those in the future. And I am even more grateful that the Lord has given me internal peace (with occasional moments of deep sadness and tears with my family and those I work closely with). It has been helpful reading through the gospels at the moment, seeing the power of Jesus in his healing and preaching ministry, and also getting a glimpse of his resurrection body, reminding me that we who are in Christ will also receive our resurrection bodies on God’s good time. My prayers for you all is that you may trust in Christ through whatever storms or valleys come your way, confident that God knows what he is doing in preparing us for eternity. In Christ,  Ivan.