Thankful for humble, long term servants of God’s people & the community

This morning at 7.45am church Dr Ron Bonamy is opening God’s word for us.  New members of Gymea Anglican may not know Dr Bonamy but he and his late wife Joyce served this church in many many ministries for more than 60 years.  They also served the people of the Shire and beyond, as doctor and nurse.  Dr Bonamy can share with you how he believes God led him through his Arts and Science degrees at uni and then eventually into medicine.  In doing so he turned down an offer of honours in his beloved Philosophy course.   It’s a beautiful story of God’s leading and his servant’s willingness to follow.  Many of you will know that Dr Bonamy has led a Parish Bible study group here since the Billy Graham Crusades impacted Sydney in 1959.  He also still leads the Primetime group and leads and preaches for us.  Only recently he renewed his Diocesan licence for       another 10 years!  He is remarkable at 97!

Rev Gordon Robinson also marks a 60th anniversary this year.  February 2019 will be 60 years since Gordon was ordained and he is vitally active at 7.45 church and Tuesday, Tuesday church, Bible study leading, hospital and nursing home visiting and   services.  On top of this he and Jean can often be found improving the garden or putting out the bins. 

Jill and Roger have been leading us in music for more than 50 years.  There are other members who have served in our children’s ministries for 10, 20 and 30 years or more.  (and read up on the work of Dorcas on page 7).

This reminds me how blessed it is to have members who are committed to the Body of Christ here for decades and willing to give themselves to help others grow in Christ.   Hebrews reminds us to look to the example of those who have gone before us in faithful service, and gain encouragement from them.  Those of us who are younger or newer in the faith – may we by God’s grace, aim to run the race to the end and finish more zealous and faithful than we started.

Calling all men

You know that we have a breakfast 7am Saturday 9th Feb at which the remarkable Dr Adi Paterson will be speaking on “faith and science”.  Have you thought about who you could invite – have you prayed about it?  Our unsaved friends will be very aware of the critics of faith and religion who use science as the whip with which to beat faith.  Dawkins is a popular example.  We can help our friends by seeing that science and faith are not necessarily opposed.  I have invited some others scientists from our church to join in a Q & A on the morning so that members and guests can hear their stories.  Some of those who have agreed are Daniel McLachlan (engineer), Dr Bonamy and Dr Chip Campbell (medicos), Roger Higgins (science teacher), Dr Dave Croucher (cancer researcher Garvin Institute), and others.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity.