Are You A Member of GAFCON?

What is GAFCON?  Archbishop Peter Jensen describes it as the most exciting development in the Christian Church in his lifetime.  GAFCON represents 70% of the Anglican members world-wide.  Our Diocese played a major role in its development.

What is GAFCON – it stands for Global Anglican Future Conference.  It began with a global conference of Anglican leaders in Jerusalem in 2008.  It was seeking a reformation of the     Anglican church world-wide.  It called for a return by all branches of the church to its Biblical roots and to the teaching of the Lord Jesus.  It is a movement against secular liberalism within the church.  It’s not a bunch of old wowsers gathering to whinge about how much they miss the “good old days”.  It’s involved in training leaders, planting new churches, supporting the poorest of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Why become a member?  Why wouldn’t you want to be part of this global movement expressing our unity in Christ and working together to bring people under the Lordship of Jesus, a church truly passionate to honour Him.  It costs nothing. Just go online and get involved.  There’s some great short free videos, get updates, pray for the movement, stretch your spiritual horizons. 

Are you a Member of Gymea Anglican?

We welcome visitors and guests to our church.  We love it when people join us with questions about faith as they investigate Jesus and his claims.  But when followers of Jesus join our church we urge them to be members, not just attenders.  What’s the difference?  Attenders hang loose, do their own thing, and are reluctant to get involved.  Members commit, members seek to love and encourage others, members give who they are and what they have to the building up of God’s people.

The Bible tells us that God is saving a people, not just individuals for himself.  That’s why He calls us His family and His body.  We believe the Bible when it says we depend on each other and each of us has gifts and abilities, given to us by God, to use for the encouragement and godly growth of others as well as ourselves. 

There is no membership form to fill in, a test to pass or a course to complete.  If you love Jesus and are willing to love his people here, then you can be a member.  Members express their love and commitment in at least three ways—partnership, fellowship and ministry. 

Partnership  –  can be expressed in giving and prayer for our ministry and missions.  The Bible says our giving should be secret, regular and generous.  The best way to do this is electronically or by the weekly envelopes.  See page 6 for details of electronic giving.

Fellowship  –  families meet regularly.  Will you plan you diary and week around meeting every week with your brothers and sisters here so you can strengthen them and care for them?

Ministry  –  Ephesians 4 tells us ALL Christians are to be ministers and priests.  It’s the role of our pastors and leaders to train and help us all to minister as best we can.  Talk to someone today about how you can use your gifts and personality to serve.  There are dozens of  ministries that would love you to join them here.

                                                                   Your brother and pastor in Christ,  Graham Crew