Annual Parish Meeting

Thank to all who attended  Thursday meeting and to Kim Cooper for all her preparation work.  Please pray for those who have taken up their roles, especially our wardens who carry the daily responsibilities for finances and property. PC’s first meeting is this Thursday.  Church members are welcome to put proposals to PC but these need to reach PC at least one week before the meeting.

Those Elected & Appointed to Leadership this year

Parish Council:

Paul Archer

James Archer

Sean Buckley

Laura Burns

Kerrie Clelland

Chris Hobbs

Julia Harrison

Chris Harrison

Darren Stock


Laurie Archer , Dr David Croucher, Steve Leitch

Parish Nominators:

Barbara Archer

Chris Harrison

Steve Leitch

Sam Newman

James Archer

Gymea Giving Beyond Our Church Ministries

The Annual Financial statement at the APM revealed the depth of our members giving to missions and projects beyond our church.  On top of the $40,770 given to our mission partners, an extra $18,000 was  given to needy groups, and ministries.  This is on top of the $45,000 our church spends annually on SRE teaching at Gymea Bay and Grays Point Public Schools.   This is a tremendous effort.

Gymea annual Growing in 2018

The APM revealed that after plateauing in 2016-17 weekly attendance grew by 3.6% in 2018 to 226 people.  This was despite the increasing difficulties many of our aging members are now finding getting to church regularly. 

                                                 Your brother and pastor, Graham Crew