Weekendaway Exciting Update and Answer to our prayers

I’m delighted to announce the guest speaker for Weekend Away 2019: Tom Pattison who is one the Pastors from Grace City Church, Green Square (http://www.gracecity.com.au/). He’ll be coming to share with us on the topic of “Prayer”.  Thank you to Craig Stalder for his persistence in lining up Tom to bless us.   Please be praying for Tom as he prepares to open God’s word for us and for ourselves to be receptive to God speaking. Tom is married to Brie. They have been attending Grace City since 2015 and Tom working there since 2018. Apart from a life-long love of tennis, he is passionate about learning new languages. His heroes are unusually focussed and disciplined people with deep convictions. Tom’s heart is stirred by this truth, “because of Jesus’ death on the cross in our place for our rebellion, Christians can stand before God perfect and unjudged. 

Book in now for the weekend or part of it.   The Bigweekend will conclude with a celebration service at 5pm with a fellowship dinner to follow at 6.15pm.  If you would like to help Craig and Steve with any of the arrangements please let them know.  They love your offer of loving service.

Did you spot the deliberate mistake?

I mentioned that Timothy means “lover of horses”, but of course that was Philip. 

Timothy means “honouring God” in the Greek!  Well spotted Craig.

What are we studying in church over the next 3-4 months?

Craig and I as we plan our preaching program aim to cover all of the Bible, not just our favourite bits or hobby horses.  Our pattern has been the same as Bishop Piper’s ie. Gospel, NT, OT, topic each year so we get variety but also let God set the agenda as we try to cover all His word.  So far we’ve studied Matthew and Philippians.  Next up are 2 short series on “Tough Questions” and “Our Global Perspective” (with guest speaker from SMBC, BCA, CMS ).  Then in term 3 we reflect on 1 Peter (which is Craig’s speciality in his Moore College studies) and then a 7 part series on the Psalms.  For the LIFE groups who love to study our sermon series in greater depth there will be study guides for most of these.  Our speakers always treasure your prayers both for our preparation of the message and our own spiritual growth.

Children’s Playground Made Safer

Thanks to Allan Robbo the children’s playground is even safer.  The left hand equipment has been re-bolted & stiffened, and the broken slide removed.  Thanks Robbo.  As usual parents are asked to always supervise their children in the playground which is open to children 10 years and under.

Your brother and pastor, Graham Crew