Scientists Testimonies on Line

Following last weeks sermon on Psalm 19, there was interest from our members in the quoted testimonies of the scientists who have changed their minds about a Creator through their studies of His creation.  Bob East has kindly made these accessible via our church website! They’re on Elvanto too!

Welcome Back – To Alan & Elizabeth Watson

After another very important and productive with our mission partners in Katoke, Tanzania.

The Ethics of Upset

Is the greatest sin we can commit – upsetting someone?  I ask the question in all seriousness.  As we and our society reconsider issues of euthanasia, abortion, gender, we are constantly urged to do everything possible to reduce people’s stress and upset as if this is the ultimate ethic or value. Is it?  Was this Jesus ethic and aim?  Is this the gospel message?

The Lord Jesus the most loving, compassionate, godly person who lived but he upset people.  He called out and challenged sin and people were upset by it.  The disciples followed Jesus in his counter-cultural values – they obeyed God rather than man (Acts 5:29) and that caused them to clash often with authorities and contemporaries.  Jesus even warned us in Luke 6:26, “Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets”.   Jesus told us that if we followed him and championed God’s values, we would stand our like salt and light (Matt 5:13f) in our society 95% of whom do not follow Jesus.  The gospel is not “God loves you and doesn’t want t upset you or change you.”  It’s repent and believe Jesus – enough to follow Him where he leads you”.   That is life changing and brilliant, as well as upsetting.

What about within the church, is avoiding upset the ultimate ethic here?  Well I can get upset when a brother or sister points out my sin to me, or rebukes me, or calls on me to repent.  But that’s what we are called on to do for each other since we love Jesus and love each other (Titus 1:13).   Love is tough sometimes.  Am I just getting old and grumpy?  I hope not.  Am I excusing rudeness or insensitivity?  No.  But I am saying that upsetting people isn’t the ultimate ethic.  What do you think?

Rally for Life

Last Sunday a number of us from church took part in this rally.  Personally I was encouraged to see the estimated 10,000 as well as the heads of many denominations including our Archbishop Davies.  I was saddened though to see the focus on politicians Mr Abbott & Mr Joyce.  I thought that sent the wrong message.  I loved that so many posters proclaimed the Rally Pro-life, Pro-child Pro-women.  But our approach, God’s approach to concerns over the taking of a child’s life is really Pro-everyone because everyone is affected by abortion and its affects in a profound way that an operation on a bad knee or gallstone doesn’t– Abortion affects primarily the child, but then the mother & father, the family, the medical profession and then the whole community. Thank you to all the members of our church who have taken up the issue with our political reps, prayed over this or attended the Rally.                           

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew