Thank you for donating to Waterworks for a Thirsty World by Anglican Aid

Earlier this year & last year, we helped to provide water to overseas communities who desperately need it by fundraising for Waterworks for a Thirsty World by Anglican Aid. Your generosity has made a genuine improvement in the lives of thirsty people across the globe.

Through Anglican Aid’s local partners, you have helped to support the creation of boreholes, wells, water tanks, sanitation, and toilets in places like Kenya, Pakistan, and Tanzania (to name a few!).You can read the latest updates on these projects, including the incredible impact they’re having on communities, at again for your support! 

Rev. David Mansfield,CEO, Anglican Aid

Ngaremara in Kenya, still suffering famine and water shortages even after a a few months of steady rain. Reliable water storage and access is key. With the help of Waterworks, the borehole project commenced in 2018 was completed this year. Now flowing water can sustain the community and they no longer need to depend on handouts!

Brick Kiln Factory Water Tanks, Lahore

Waterworks has constructed 14 water tanks with over 20,000 people. This year we have also provided hygiene and health education, and basic supplies distribution at the Miracle Schools and the brick factory sites. Pakistan’s two million bonded slave labourers are trapped in a life-long contract to pay back their debts. Over 250,000 of these are children. The people benefitting directly by this project work in Pakistan’s brick kiln industry where water is contaminated.

Another great initiative

Parish Council are currently investigating an initiative of the government and energy companies to replace free or extremely cheaply conventional globes with low powered, long lasting, high wattage LEDs.  These would be fitted by an electrician where appropriate throughout most of our property.  These would not only save us money but also improve our lighting and lower our power usage.

 Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew