Diocesan Synod October 2019

Every year, 3 representatives from each of the 270+ Parishes across the Diocese plus another 250 clergy and laity meet as the church’s Synod or parliament.  Major decisions are made by a democratic parliamentary style process of bills and legislation, motions and debates.  Sometimes its like having your toe nails extracted. At other times it’s challenging and thrilling.  But it is always conducted I have found with prayer, courtesy, passion and care … and often with humour.  Our reps are Prof Alan Watson, Barbara Archer and me.  We covet your prayers.  This will also be Archbishop Davies last time chairing Synod.  In August 2020, a special Synod will elect a new Archbishop.  Our 2 lay Synod reps are elected every 3 years. Whereas all our other elected positions are elected annually at our APM in March.

Christmas Services this year

Special pre-Christmas, “world view” services will be held on 8th December with an African flavour.  Our mission partners the Brownings will be with us for two combined services, one at 9am and one at 5pm.  Please mark these in your diary as not to be missed! On Sunday 22nd December we’ll have 4 services in the church in the round (setting the church as we have done in the past during our Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve Quiet Hours).  There will be at each of our 4 Sunday services time to remember departed loved ones via the Tree of Remembrance and some other special items.  This like our Christmas services will be a good opportunity to invite family and friends.  Christmas will be as usual 24th December:  5pm Kids “Eve” and 8pm, 25th December: 745am Lord’s Supper and 9.30am Family Hour.

January 2020

“World Mission” will again be our theme this January. Our mission partners the Prestons and Donaldson will be with us on 2 Sundays and many will be attending CMS Summer School at Katoomba 4th to 10th Jan. We will be offering a special 4 week “Exploring Jesus” course based on the video input from Rico Tice.  This course has been voted by many the best course examining the Christian basics.  I’m interested in whether there will be enough interest both inside and outside the church, to run a Wednesday night showing 7pm to 8.15pm and a morning one (day still to be decided).  Please talked to me soon if this is of interest to you or to your group.  All our LIFE groups close over the Christmas school holidays.

Another great initiative

Parish Council are currently investigating an initiative of the government and energy companies to replace free or extremely cheaply conventional globes with low powered, long lasting, high wattage LEDs.  These would be fitted by an electrician where appropriate throughout most our property.  These would not only save us money but also improve our lighting and lower our power usage.

 Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew