Sunday 22nd December  

At all 4 services there  will be the “Two Trees of Christmas” and will include our popular and poignant “tree of remembrance”.  Those attending will be invited, if they wish, to place on a tree, the names on those they are missing this Christmas, separated by distance, difficulties or death.  A second Christmas Tree will also be present reminding us of the joy and peace Jesus birth brings for those who follow Him  as Saviour.

Food, Friendship and Belonging

It is said that real friends are those who have invited you to a meal in their home.  Can you remember the first person from this church who invited you to a meal at their home?  I can.  When was the last time you invited someone to share your home, your meal table and your home?  The Bible says more about hospitality than it does Holy Communion.

In her book “Open Heart Open Home” Karen Mains takes it further.  She speaks of the difference between entertaining and hospitality.  You don’t need to a Martha Stewart to welcome others into your home.  In “years gone by” we tried a simple way of facilitating hospitality so that no-one missed out.  We called it “Dinners For Eight” – do you remember?  A person or couple offered to host a dinner or lunch on a certain day for 6 to 8 and then they just put out a sign up sheet at church and waited for people to fill in their names to see who God wanted them to share their table with.  It’s a simple but profound ministry.  For some new members and older members it was the first time they had been invited home. 

Would you like us to give it a go?  To happen it would need a Dinner 48 “champion” in each congregation to let people know and to co-ordinate the voluntary hosts to make sure we didn’t have too many! Then just give it 3-4 weeks notice and away they’d go.  Each dinner or lunch group would be self-organising, with everyone attending contributing something for the meal.  Are you interested?  Let me know.

Your brother in Christ Graham Crew