This new little biography of Lady Jane Grey, the “9 day queen” is only 40 pages long and you should be able to read it in an hour. It is worth the read! You will feel uplifted and inspired by the true story of the teenage girl, queen of England, who is one of the greats of the Protestant Reformation.

Jane was forced to be queen on the death of her cousin Edward, son of Henry VIII.   But her rule was quickly overthrown by Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) when she was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Her strong Evangelical Christian faith, trusting in Christ alone to save her, led to her brave martyrdom. This little book includes some of her prayers, original documents and the arguments she made against her Romans Catholic interrogators and critics.

Lady Jane’s last words before her execution, aged just 17,  were:  “And I pray you all to bear me witness, that I die here a true Christian woman, and that I trust to be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, and by no other means”.