Our financial policy for donations can be viewed here. There are several ways that members can donate to our ministries.

1. Weekly Envelopes

These help members to follow the Bible principles of regularity and confidentiality in giving. Members receive a year’s supply of envelopes that enable them to be disciplined in giving each week.

2. Electronic Giving

Most of us now pay our bills, mortgages and purchases electronically. This is an efficient and regular way of supporting our church ministry which now supplies more than 50% of our member funding. Simple forms are available to facilitate electronic giving.
General Church Banking Details
Acct Number: 870267
BSB: 032-154

3. Building Development Fund

This has been established to pay for existing and future building development. Our current mortgage is around $450,000. We are seeking to repay this at $100,000 per year.
Donations can be made directly to our dedicated bank account.
Please contact the office for details.
Please Note: Tax deductability for building donations is not available.
No interest loans are also sought from our members as this reduces our interest bill considerably.

4. Bequests

This is a way for members to give for the proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus after they have gone to be with Him. This can be arranged simply by talking to our wardens who can provide the correct information for those wishing to include this in their wills. Such bequests leave a legacy for the gospel which God can use over decades.

5. Gymea Anglican Music Promotion Trust

This Trust is established to promote Christian music. It provides funds for instruments, equipment, administration, training and nurture of Christian music at Gymea. Gifts to this Trust are tax deductible. See our office for details.

6. Sutherland Board of Christian Education

This is not a Gymea Anglican Trust, but a Board representing local churches, which employees dedicated scripture teachers to teach SRE at Gymea & Kirrawee High Schools. Gifts are tax deductible.
Many Gymea Anglican members also personally support it. See www.sbce.org.au for further details.

7. Special Once Off Gifts

From time to time our members wish to make special “one off” gifts. This may be as a result of a promotion, an inheritance, the desire to push forward a special church project, or simply to say thanks to God for His blessings.