Look here each week to find the latest Online Church event. YouTube will be updated every Sunday morning to watch any time after the YouTube Premiere.

YouTube FAQ

Can I watch the video without logging into YouTube?

Yes. You do not need to log in to YouTube to watch the video. You will need to log in to participate in the Premiere Live chat, to subscribe to the channel and other member only benefits. Signing up is free and simple and is automatic if you have a Gmail account.

Subscribing to the GAC channel

There is a button marked ‘Subscribe”, normally under the video itself. You need only click on it at any point to tell YouTube you want to follow that channel.

Subscribing to a channel can only be done if you’re signed in to YouTube. Signing only requires creating an account using your own email address and then signing in, usually once. Once done you can subscribe to as many channels as you like. Ordinarily nobody can see which channels you are subscribed to unless you permit them to – which cannot be done accidentally. Not even we can pull up a list of subscribers without each ones permission!