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Same sex Marriage Debate

by Bob East

Same sex Marriage Debate There will be a postal plebiscite within weeks.  You and I will get the opportunity to let our politicians (our children, grandchildren and our nation) know what we believe is the best way to live.   Laws never make people live or believe.  They allow and punish but they also express values […]

Church Outreach Poster Ministry

by Bob East

Church Outreach Poster Ministry For the past 2 years our church has been part of the Outreach Poster ministry.  You will see these posters on various churches around Sydney including Sutherland Presbyterian and Cronulla Anglican.  Bob East, Hans Beilharz and Alan Webb oversee this ministry for our Parish Council and they welcome your comment and […]

Letter to the College of Bishops

by Bob East

Welcome to our church today It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting. Dear Friends, Please pray for our Archbishop. Below is an edited version of his letter to the Anglican College of Bishops. Full copies are available from the church office. Your […]