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Please pray for Pakistan, Update from Parish Council

by Bob East

Please pray for Pakistan Asia Bibi has been acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan after facing trumped up charges. The Lahore High Court’s verdict sentencing her to death for blasphemy has been overturned. She has been in jail for over 8 years. Praise God for this decision and thank you for your continued prayerful support for […]

Fuse Camp 2018

by Bob East

Fuse Camp 2018 Last week 51 Youth and Kids from years 4-12 of school went away with a number of our legendary leaders for our first ever ‘Fuse Camp’ – a new initiative of Gymea Anglican fusing our X’treme (kids) and Revive (youth) camps into one! How was it? Fantastic! Despite a number of setbacks […]

Synod meets October 15-17,22-23, The main issues at Synod, FUSE Camp

by Bob East

Synod meets October 15-17,22-23 Our Synod meets over 5 days and nights 3.30pm to 9.30pm.  This is the annual assembly (or parliament) of our diocese.  You are represented by me, and your elected reps Prof Alan Watson and Barbara Archer.  We are always very happy to hear your views or to discuss Synod business with our […]

News from Katoke, Change in our Mission Partners

by Bob East

News from Katoke Alan Watson tells the story of Silivia Geofrey,  Girl School Captain 2017/8, who has just completed her final year (Form 6).    An orphan – she never knew her father and lost her mother when she was in Year 4 of  primary school. An excellent student Silivia was sponsored at KLSS from Form 1 […]

FUSE Camp: 8-11 October  (Y4-6 Primary & Y7-12 Secondary), Parish Council Report from their meeting last week

by Bob East

FUSE Camp: 8-11 October  (Y4-6 Primary & Y7-12 Secondary) This year for the first time our Primary and High School camps are combining at Port Hacking in the October school holidays.  Why take this adventurous step?  Because it brings our youth and children’s leaders together. It allows the children to have separate programs and still be together.  It […]