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Atheism is declining and Faith growing – that’s the big picture

by anonymous

Atheism is declining and faith growing – that’s the big picture That’s not what we’d expect if we just take a western view.  But if we take a world view over the past 50 years, that’s the fact.  In 1970, there 165 million people identified as atheists and 1.2 billion as Christian,  In 2019, atheists […]

Fuse Camp 2019

by Craig Stalder

Click Here To Register Fuse Camp is a fantastic 3-day camp in the October school holidays for school kids and youth in years 4 – 12. The camp is a great time away having lots of fun playing games (like nerf gun battles), doing activities (like Giant Waterslide & archery) and exploring God’s Word at […]

Are You A Member of GAFCON? Are you a Member of Gymea Anglican?

by Graham Crew

Are You A Member of GAFCON? What is GAFCON?  Archbishop Peter Jensen describes it as the most exciting development in the Christian Church in his lifetime.  GAFCON represents 70% of the Anglican members world-wide.  Our Diocese played a major role in its development. What is GAFCON – it stands for Global Anglican Future Conference.  It […]

Life Groups, Serving & Enjoying God Forever

by anonymous

Life Groups Thank you to our group leaders who provide frontline pastoral care and discipling through our 26 groups.  If you haven’t joined one yet, why not try one out in Term 1.  They won’t make you stay if you don’t enjoy it!  But I know you will love it.  Serving & Enjoying God Forever […]

Please pray for Pakistan, Update from Parish Council

by anonymous

Please pray for Pakistan Asia Bibi has been acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan after facing trumped up charges. The Lahore High Court’s verdict sentencing her to death for blasphemy has been overturned. She has been in jail for over 8 years. Praise God for this decision and thank you for your continued prayerful support for […]

Synod meets October 15-17,22-23, The main issues at Synod, FUSE Camp

by anonymous

Synod meets October 15-17,22-23 Our Synod meets over 5 days and nights 3.30pm to 9.30pm.  This is the annual assembly (or parliament) of our diocese.  You are represented by me, and your elected reps Prof Alan Watson and Barbara Archer.  We are always very happy to hear your views or to discuss Synod business with our […]

News from Katoke, Change in our Mission Partners

by anonymous

News from Katoke Alan Watson tells the story of Silivia Geofrey,  Girl School Captain 2017/8, who has just completed her final year (Form 6).    An orphan – she never knew her father and lost her mother when she was in Year 4 of  primary school. An excellent student Silivia was sponsored at KLSS from Form 1 […]