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Dead Men Don’t Rise … Do they?

by Bob East

Of all the major world religions only one claims that its founder returned alive from the grave. The resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of Christianity. It can be tested and weighed in history. But in our sophisticated scientific age, can such a belief be maintained?  Is it logical, rational, even provable? Many have claimed it […]

Grow – Share – Love (our mission motto), GROWING (by devotion to God’s word) Issues Arising from our APM to be raised at our Re-envisioning Day – 4th May

by Bob East

Grow – Share – Love (our mission motto) GROWING (by devotion to God’s word) In 2019 in church, we’re studying the Matthew’s Gospel and allowing Jesus radical teaching there to challenge and shape us afresh.  In Term 2 we’ll be pursuing Joy in Christ in Philippians and then tackle some of the Big Issues facing […]

Vision Sunday Today, SRE, Mission Partnership

by Bob East

Vision Sunday Today This has been a tradition in our church for many years.  As the first Term of schools and our ministry groups begins, we stop and ask our Lord Jesus to reset our vision for our year together.  Who are we and who does He want us to be?  What does he want […]

Franklin Graham Tour, People do change, study at SMBC next year? Men’s Breakfast

by Bob East

Franklin Graham Tour in Sydney 23-24 February 2019 Parish Council has decided that as a church we will not be promoting or endorsing this evangelistic event.  Why?  Because although there is no doubt Franklin will, like his father Billy, preach the gospel of Jesus faithfully, Franklin has unlike his father been very outspoken politically.  Some […]

The Archbishop’s Apology on Child Sexual Abuse

by Bob East

The Archbishop’s Apology on Child Sexual Abuse On Monday 22 October in the House of Representatives, our Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP, delivered an emotional, heart-felt apology on behalf of the Parliament and the Australian people, to the survivors of child sexual abuse, including those in Anglican churches. That our Church was complicit in any […]

Graham & Wendy Toulmin (DRCongo with CMS), Are you feeling torn?

by Bob East

Graham & Wendy Toulmin (DRCongo with CMS) Many remember with prayer the Toulmins, Bishop Isesomo and the church in the DRC.  Here’s some prayer updates from them: Give thanks for: Graham’s surgery for prostate cancer in October and pray for his complete recovery so he can join Wendy back in Congo 20th November as planned. […]