Fuse is our exciting new initiative for 2018!

We are merging our kids and youth camps together as one camp on one site for one amazing week in October school holidays. With the excitement of X’treme and the adventure of Revive combined, Fuse is guaranteed to go off as the ONE CAMP you don’t want to miss!

While we’ll enjoy meals and some activities (like a Giant Waterslide) together, we’ll still have some time apart like our talks or other kids and youth-focused games and activities.

We hope you can come and join us on this epic adventure together

For more information please contact camp directors

Craig Stalder (Youth Pastor) 0401 299 360

Olivia Robson (Children’s Pastor) 0434 897 768

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If there are any questions that are not answered in our FAQ please email us at fuse@gymeaanglican.org.au or contact Craig (0401 299 360) or Olivia (0434 897 768).

What is Fuse Camp (What is X’treme Camp / What is Revive Camp)?

Fuse camp is a ministry of Gymea Anglican Church, it is a 4 day camp run from Monday afternoon to Thursday lunch in the school holidays. The camp has 2 streams, Kids which runs for ages 4 to 6 (previously X’treme Camp) and Youth which runs for ages 7 to 12 (previously Revive Camp).


Why did X’treme Camp and Revive Camp Combine/Fuse?

To make both camps better, by combining we can move to a bigger site at youthworks rather than having to look for another camp ground entirely to grow. We also get to use both our children’s and youth leaders to commit more resources to both camps.


When is the camp?

Fuse camp is during the second week of the Term 3 to Term 4 school holidays, 8 October 2018 to 11 October 2018.

Drop Off at 4PM on Monday 8 October

Pick Up / Lunch on Thursday 11 October from 12.30PM – 1.30PM  (Camp Recap, Photos, Camp Photo)

Fuse reunion, 19 October, camp video, photos, prizes etc.


What is the cost?

Early Bird Rate (Closes September 3):
• $300 Single (1) Child Registration (SAVE $60)
• $540 Two (2) Child Registration (SAVE $100)
• $720 Three (3) Child Registration (SAVE $150)

Standard Rate (Closes September 24):
• $360 Single (1) Child Registration
• $640 Two (2) Child Registration
• $870 Three (3) Child Registration

There are also subsidies available, please contact Craig (0401 299 360) or Olivia (0434 897 768).

Where is the camp?

The camp is at the Youthworks Deer Park campsite in the national forest. It’s in the same camp complex as Telford where X’treme camp has been held for 23 years.