In his book ‘How to make the most of the rest of your life’ the evangelist, John Chapman writes:

“I am 76 years old. You may think it strange that I am writing about making the most of our lives. Humanly speaking, I don’t have all that much left. The average male lives for 79 years. That doesn’t leave me much time. On the other hand, if there is life after death, if eternity is really eternity and I have the greater bulk of my life to look forward to, then that makes all the difference”.

We provide friendship, encouragement and activities of interest for the over 50’s and the retired. However, anybody of any age is welcome to join us. Relationships don’t need to end when you retire. Come and join us and discover how to make the most of the rest of your eternal life.

Prime Time

The Prime Time group was begun in 1996. Its aims are to:

  • Provide opportunities for fellowship amongst senior people in the Parish;
  • Engage in activities of interest to the group;
  • Extend welcome and fellowship to senior people who are not normally part of the church congregation;
  • Provide support for senior people experiencing difficulties such as sickness or bereavement through prayer, visitation and practical assistance.

We have an outing on the first Wednesday each month, and on the third Wednesday we meet at the church. There have been a variety of activities during the year, and we enjoy speakers from around the world telling us of the work God has had them do in their lives in the mission field.

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We are fortunate in having a number of pleasant picnic areas in the Shire. Some of the picturesque locations we have visited include Joseph Banks Gardens, Gunnamatta Park, Swallow Rock & Jannali Reserve and other areas both near and far. We also have outings to restaurants, places of historical interest and even fun parks.

We are happy to have seniors join with us. There is no formal membership, no fees. Please join with us in any or all of our activities.