Our Church Weekend Away on the Port Hacking will not take place this year. Whilst COVID-19 prevents us from meeting as one body, the Weekend Away team are excited to produce three gatherings with our speaker Mark Stephens for you to enjoy in small communities. We invite you to work together to design your own Weekend Away Plan B!

Oct 23 at 6 PM – Oct 25 at 5 PM

The team will equip you with resources to enrich your time together and ensure you remain Covid Safe. Here are some things to consider:

GATHER A GROUP... who will you share this time with? Your Life Group, close friends, or another church family? A church member you don’t know very well?

GO OR HOST… consider a getaway up-down-or-away from the coast for a full weekend of fellowship or gather locally as a small group in a home for a valuable day together.

PRAY... ask our Heavenly Father to bless your group as you organise your Weekend Away Plan B and begin praying for those who you might like to invite.

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