Ecclesiastes – The Search for Meaning

The Bible is a unique book in so many ways.   It is composed of 66 volumes, written over some 2,000 years, covering the history of the world from Creation to up 100 AD, and also anticipating the end of the world.   It was written by numerous authors, yet has a consistent theme: it all points us to one person – Jesus Christ.   It was written by men and women, but God is the author.  He did not dictate it, but by his Spirit, God enabled the writers to write what he wanted written, and as we read the Bible, God addresses us by his Spirit, bringing faith, conviction, repentance, growth, assurance, hope and trust.  

The Old Testament book “Ecclesiastes” is part of the Old Testament Wisdom Literature.  The books in this category are: Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes.   These books express the life of faith in various ways – Song of Songs is a passionate love story; Job wrestles with the reality of suffering, even for God’s faithful people; Psalms a wide range of songs and poetry covering the many responses we feel in life: delight, despair, longing, reflection, reliance, trust, and so on; Proverbs is a collection of sayings expressing the way life generally works.   And Ecclesiastes?  This book explores where we find meaning in life, and asks, “Where can I find meaning if there is no God.”

Over the coming weeks we’ll explore Ecclesiastes.  It will repay you handsomely to read it beforehand, and to use the Study Booklet in your Bible Study group, or personally.  The Study Book I’d recommend is:

 Under the Sun, printed by Matthias Media (in their Pathway Bible Study series) or,

Search for Meaning, Matthias Media (in their Interactive Bible Study series)

in Christian fellowship, Michael Blake Acting Rector

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