Andy and Nicolle Donaldson latest praise and prayer update

Andy and Nicolle Donaldson

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Wanna hear a cool story? Each year we send students on summer mission trips. In Queensland they usually go down to the Gold Coast to do mission amongst the schoolies (high school leavers). Andy was recently speaking to a student in Queensland who happened to mention that he led Joe* to Christ in 2019 whilst on one of these schoolies mission trips. After a bit of back and forth Andy discovered that not only was Joe* from Sydney BUT he also attends the University of Notre Dame! Just this week Andy met with this Joe* over Zoom, who said that he would like to be involved with us on campus and continue growing in his faith. 

Praise God for the way that he used a Queensland summer mission trip in the life of Joe* and that we now have the opportunity to build and train him in his faith….who knows, maybe he will come on a summer mission trip with us this summer and lead a Queenslander to faith, wouldn’t that be awesome!

 Like much of the country we have been in lockdown again. It began at the start of school holidays at the start of July, and we are now in week 6 of lockdown, with at least 4 more expected. This has meant that Josh has been unable to attend preschool and appointments like occupational therapy. It has been a hard slog, but we are glad that we don’t have to do home schooling as well. Please pray for us, as the repetitive rhythm to the days have started to really wear out our patience, especially for us as parents. Please pray for supernatural patience and kindness towards one another an that the Lord help us use this time to invest well in one another, especially in our kids!

P.S. Isabelle started walking! Not quite as early as Josh (9months) but not too far behind (10.5months). She is really developing her skills and personality!

Whilst in lockdown we want to praise God for the ways in which he has used His people to encourage us. We have received three care packages in the mail, uber eats vouchers, encouragement phone calls from leaders and a constant reminder that it won’t be like this forever. We are grateful not only to be a part of a supportive work team but also the broader church. It is such a blessing to be able to look after one another through words, gifts and prayers of encouragement. 

If there is any way we can do this for YOU, please don’t be afraid to let us know. 

**Pictured Josh sharing his brownie with Isabelle, because apart from Jesus laying down His life for us, is there any greater love than this?
 A good friend of ours, Dan Paterson, is one of the best speakers we have ever heard. He is humble, kind and very intelligent. He speaks well and preaches on a variety of topics both apologetic and evangelistic in nature. His heartbeat is to help people better understand the Gospel, and fall in love with Jesus.

About a year ago he started his own ministry called Questioning Christianity. He, along with his team are engaging with both believers and skeptics alike through a youtube channel, online engagement, public lectures and preaching at churches. Dan has just released a book which Andy has already read and knows is going help many people better understand the Christian story. Would you join us in praying for Dan as his ministry continues and people start to read his book. Would God use Questioning Christianity to help bring more people to follow Him. 
Questioning Christianity has produced a number of short videos on popular apologetics topics. Here is one so you can get a taste. 

Perhaps Dan’s videos would be helpful to you as you continue to try and deepen your faith and connect with those in your life who have questions about the Christian faith.