The Need before Us, But there is a deeper need.

The Need before Us

 Under lockdown the obvious need we have is ‘Freedom!’   Not just from lockdown, but from Covid.  The way this drags on is having a deep impact on many of us and is one which we are largely unable to do anything about.   Except pray.  Please keep praying for those in our church, for our community, for NSW and Australia; pray for the devastating effects this pandemic is having throughout the world.   And do thank God for the advances made in securing vaccines and pray for rich nations and companies to share these vaccines with poorer countries.

But there is a deeper need.

We live in a community which needs to know Jesus.   A community which is deaf to him and which dismisses him.   And the danger we face is for us to so accept their dismissive attitude that we forget that the reality they face is a Christless eternity under God’s condemnation.   Through the gospels we see Jesus’ own awareness of the awful reality of judgement – his parables (Lazarus and the rich man – Luke 16:19-31; the rich ruler – Luke 18:18-30), his teaching of the final judgement (Matthew 25:31-46); his understanding of his own coming death as a ‘ransom’ which secures freedom for his people (Mark 10:45).   All these, and so much more, impress upon us the dreadful reality of facing the judgement of God, unforgiven.  

I need these stark reminders of reality because I am prone to find it more comfortable to fit in with the world I live in.   Are you like me?  

I forget to pray unless I’m prompted to recall that my neighbours do not know Jesus.   Do you pray for those around you, in your street, the family across the road from you?   The ones who may irritate you.   The ones you think of as being ‘successful’.  

Through Ecclesiastes we see the futility of a life lived for self.   Seeking to satisfy my desires with my eyes focused on everything ‘under the sun’.   It’s a picture of our world, our society.   A city that does not know Jesus.  

Will you join me in praying regularly, asking God to open blind eyes, to soften hard hearts, and to awaken people in your street to want to know Jesus, who came to give “life; life to the full!”   To know him who loves them and who gave his life to redeem them from a Christless eternity.  Will you pray, asking God to give you opportunities to introduce people you know to the Lord Jesus?  Will you pray that God would save people in Gymea? 

Why not start by praying right now.

Michael Blake
Acting Rector