Moore College Ex-Student Reflections of College

This week we take a look at Moore Theological College, with the aim of giving you a view from inside College from a student’s perspective.  My hope is that you will thank God for the College and pray for the Principal (Mark Thompson), the Faculty, Staff and Students.   Here are reflections of 3 recent students. 

in Christian fellowship, Michael Blake, Acting Rector

Grant Borg (alumnus 2016)

As a tradesman from South West Sydney, I chose Moore because of its high academic standards, figuring it would push me the hardest, and be the best use of my time. I try to spend my time in ways that bring the greatest degree of profit for Jesus’ name and Kingdom.

Clare and I now head up a Church Plant in the Fairfield area. Since we began meeting together, we have seen people give their lives to Jesus, a number of families join our church, and many more hear the good news for the first time. It has been a privilege to be a part of this incredible team.

I would highly recommend Moore to anyone willing to push hard and sink deep into God’s word with the aim of leading people to Jesus.

Luke Bird  (alumnus 2016)

Though born in London and raised in a Christian home, it was at St Matthias in Paddington and Sydney University that I understood grace as I was taught how to read my Bible well.

I chose Moore because graduates had such clarity and trust in God’s word. Moore is not only about informing but transforming people by God’s word. Learning in community gave me precious relationships that would be a great support  in ministry into the future. Moore equipped me for a lifetime of ministry, with deep theological grounding, sensitivity to historical developments and an understanding of how the Bible impacts life and ministry. It made me a confident and careful reader of God’s word, producing a robust trust in the scriptures and the God who wrote them.                                                                                          

After College, Gemma and I moved to Brisbane to work with AFES, where I equip students to read their Bibles well so that they too can live for Jesus.

Sam Darmo (alumnus 2019)

Sam came to Australia as an Assyrian refugee from Iraq. He was born into the Church of the East tradition, and finished high school in Baghdad. He studied a Bachelor of Technology (Electrical, Electronics) at UWS Nepean (now Western Sydney University), graduating in 2003. During Study and after graduation, he worked with global software companies for 17 years primarily as a Sales Engineer at companies like IBM. Along the way, he completed half of a graduate Diploma in Divinity at SMBC. It was after his graduation from UWS that he came to faith, or in his words, faith came to him:

“I didn’t make a commitment to Christ, rather he came to my rescue in a hotel room in Manila (Philippines) in August of 2005 at the lowest point of my life. He rescued my life and opened my eyes to the Bible to see how he loved me before I even was. How can I not love a God like that?”

He has been married to his godly wife Tania since 2000 and they’ve been blessed with three children, Grace, Marcus and Matthew.

“Financially, God our Heavenly Father, provided for my fulltime study and the needs of our family through many generous people and God’s miraculous provision in varied ways. We’ve made some decisions including selling our properties, paying off our debts, cancelling our credit cards and not buying anything with debt money. This is how we now live as people who have put on the shoes of readiness to serve God wherever He sends us.”

“There have been many highlights at College, but the fellowship with the students and faculty at Moore has been wonderful, which I expect will continue into eternity. I have also learned a lot in languages, philosophy, ethics, and history. My time here has refined and confirmed the theology that leads me daily to doxology.”

“In parallel to College, I was blessed with solid teaching at Hoxton Park Anglican under Rev. David Clarke since 2011, and at St. Thomas’ Anglican with the ministry team under Simon Manchester. I had numerous opportunities for ministry involvement at Church, Moore College and elsewhere.”

“I am currently serving as the Multicultural Assistant Minister at St. Barnabas Church in Fairfield and Bossley Park. We have since started two additional church gatherings, one in Assyrian and the other in Arabic and I assist in both. We do a lot of work using social media for evangelism with a variety of programs targeting Middle Eastern people who speak Assyrian or Arabic with a global reach.”


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