When Lockdown is lifted…

When Lockdown is lifted, what would you most like to do?   Personally there are 3 things top of my list: see my mum, a hair cut, meet in groups!   One of the key groups I’d love to meet with is God’s people.

Yes, return to church is coming!   There are many matters to be considered, and it will be a staged process.   In this article I’ll outline the various stages which we will need to consider.   To assist us in deciding on our actual path of return the Staff Team has put together an anonymous survey which you should receive either by email, or a paper copy (maybe next week).   Please complete the survey, even if you’re not sure about coming back.  

The stages in our return will be determined by information provided by the Government and rely on full vaccination rates for Covid-19.  

By October 11th it is expected that 70% of will be adults vaccinated.

· Fully vaccinated adults (16+) can attend places of worship subject to 4 square metre rule.

· Children aged 0-15 years able to attend church with vaccinated members of their household (e.g. parents).

The second stage is when 80% of adults are fully vaccinated (expected to be Oct 25th).   Both vaccinated and unvaccinated adults (16+) able to attend places of worship subject to 4 square metre rule.   Regarding children and youth:

· 0-11 yrs -Able to attend places of worship. 

                        Possibly able to resume children’s and youth gatherings

                        Exempt from wearing masks. 

· 12-15 yrs- further clarity is needed but it is possible that vaccinated and unvaccinated 12-15 year olds will be able to join youth and children’s gatherings.

The third stage is when 90% of adults are fully vaccinated (expected to be Dec 1st) – all vaccinated and unvaccinated people can attend places of worship under 2 square metre rule.  Youth and children’s ministry will be able to operate.

Conclusion- Given these settings we will be considering a full return to church from Dec 5th.  It maybe possible to commence during November, but that will require further discussion and decision making with Staff, Wardens and Leaders.   Your responses in the survey will assist us.  

Michael Blake, Acting Rector

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