Open the Doors! Stage 1: Sunday 17th and 24th, Stage 2: 31st October, Stage 3: 1st December onwards

Open the Doors!

Tomorrow is in a sense Freedom Day as Lockdown ends and we can travel (inside the Greater Sydney LGA), we can enjoy having friends over, and even parties, Life Groups and other meetings; shops will be more than ‘Click and Collect’.   And Church will be OPEN.  

The wardens and I have discussed proposals and have agreed to a staged plan for opening.  In outline:

Stage 1 – Sunday 17th and 24th open at 10am for our Livestream Service.    

We still have some restrictions and only vaccinated people may attend; you will need to register to come (phone the church office) and we have a max capacity of 70 people.   Masks must be worn.  No singing.  We are planning a separate children’s program. 

Stage 2 – 31st October – open for 8am, 10am, 4pm and 6pm. 

– 8am will be ‘vaccinated only’, and we’re considering whether 10am should be ‘vaccinated only’ as well.  

– 4pm and 6pm – vaccination status will not be required

– 10am will continue to be Livestreamed

– masks to be worn at all Services; no singing

– Children’s program only at 4pm

– cleaning required only after the 6pm Service

Stage 3 – 1st December onwards

– 8am will be designated as “vaccinated only” but no proof of vaccination required for any service.

– we will continue livestream of at least 1 Service.

We have been keen to get back to face-to-face church, and with good reason.   We appreciate the closeness, the familiarity and the bonding we experience in physical meeting.  Let us take this opportunity to express this joy to God in prayer, since he created us as physical beings.

As we enjoy and appreciate this openness and closeness, we experience it ever so richly as disciples of Christ in whom he dwells by his Spirit (John 14:15-18, Romans 8:11 and following).  

Yet we live in a community which is largely ignorant of these blessings, and this relationship.   As you plan to come back to church with your spiritual brothers and sisters, who else could you invite to come with you?   Consider your neighbours, your friends, and the parents of your children’s friends.   Will you pray for whatever you need to invite them to come with you?   And do pray that we all will warmly welcome all those who visit our church over the coming weeks.

Michael Blake, Acting Rector

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