Sharing one another’s burdens, Help for Afghan Christian families, Marsabit Aid for Internally Displaced People.

Sharing one another’s burdens.

Besides taking the gospel for the first time to cities and communities from Jerusalem to Rome, the Books of Acts and 1 and 2 Corinthians show that Paul had another important goal.  At the same time as his mission journeys Jerusalem was in a serious famine.  Paul saw that this created an opportunity for the new gentile Christians to express their new unity with their Jewish brethren.  As the gentiles became spiritually “rich” in Christ, they had opportunity to provide financial assistance for their Jewish brothers and sisters who were suffering the famine.  So Paul asked the new churches to give to support their brothers and sisters in Jerusalem, and Paul presented their gift to the church in Jerusalem.  

It’s a practical outworking of God’s mission whereby God offers the spiritual riches of Christ to rebel sinners who deserve his condemnation.  

Often in the news we hear of all manner of disasters, and suffering of people in many nations.  I’m often struck by how helpless I feel in doing anything to help.  Prayer is vital – yes, of course.   And Anglican Aid are a part of our church which is closely involved with the church in other countries.  Here are 2 desperate needs that you could support:

Help for Afghan Christian families

With your help, Anglican Aid is meeting the needs of Afghan Christian families who are fleeing persecution by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Some have secured places in Brazil’s refugee intake, and will be cared for by Anglican Aid’s long term partner Sami Nagib, together with the Anglican Diocese of Vitoria in Brazil.

Your giving will provide these families, with basic accommodation and daily necessities like food and clothing, as well as trauma counselling, local language classes, schooling for children and short vocational education courses for the adults, and ongoing pastoral care through the local church. 

You can be part of transforming the lives of these families by providing for their complex needs in their first year of re-settlement, supporting them through a critical time of healing, and settling into the safety of their new country.   

Marsabit Aid for Internally Displaced People.

Together with the Anglican Diocese of Marsabit and CMS Missionaries: Norm and Janelle Gorrie’s ministry, Anglican Aid is supporting internally displaced people in Northern Kenya with food relief and a community shelter.

Escalating tribal violence in the region has led to homes being destroyed. Since the beginning of 2021, more than 100 people have been killed in the conflict. Families have been forced to flee, searching for safety.

Can you first pray for those Christians trying to support and care for these communities of believers and also for the huge stress and trauma they are going through.  If you can also help financially go to then look under “Current Appeals”.

Michael Blake, Acting Rector

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