Change at Christmas

Our world seems so often to be gripped by disasters or tragedy in one form or another.   Covid keeps re-surfacing; extreme weather events inflict chaos, death and destruction; wars and rumours of wars persist.    We long for leaders to take decisions which will deal with these issues and provide stability and growth for all people.   So often our problems are caused by selfishness and greed.   Characteristics so deeply embedded in each one of us.  

God is aware of our situation and our predicament.   He has acted to provide a new way.   Through the Bible he promised to rescue us and to lead us.   The news the angels brought the shepherds that first Christmas declared that God was fulfilling his promise to bring “a Saviour who is Christ the Lord”.   Mary was told by the angel Gabriel that her child would rule and his kingdom would never end.

A Saviour – someone who can deal with our fundamental problems and rescue us.  

The Lord – someone who will lead us and rule us.  

This Christmas, God’s gift to you is this Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ.   We’d love to help you discover the full riches of God’s gift.    We invite you to contact us either by speaking with one of our members, or by phoning (9524 6225) or emailing the church office (  Best, to get to know Jesus better why not sign up for our series: Christianity Explained, starting on 9th January.   To register for Christianity Explained go to: and click the link on the home page to Christianity Explained.

Michael Blake, Acting Rector

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